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Overhead is the number one expense that affects the price of your new home. In manufactured housing, modular or double wides, a good example of overhead is a sales staff. Sales people work on commission and they answer to a sales manager who in turn answers to the general manager and finally they all answer to the owners. As you can see it starts to get a domino affect. Here at Haleys Homes inc. you will only deal with the owners Victor F. Wertheimer III or Tiffani B. Wertheimer never a commissioned sales person or a lot manager. Regardless of the size of the sales lot where you buy your new home whether it is a national name store with lots of overhead or a smaller independent dealer like Haleys Homes inc. your home will be built with the same materials, same warranties, and the same standards and to the same building codes, that is the law. The larger the sales lot the more overhead and the more cost, results in costing you,the customer several thousand and in some cases tens of thousands of dollars more!  

In addition to overhead the manufactured home itself needs to be considered. The more sections in your modular home the higher the freight cost, set-up cost and roof work thus the more you are paying per sq. ft. i.e. a 1700 Sq. Ft. 3 section " T-ranch" can cost up to $25,000. more than a 1700 sg. ft. 2 section ranch. 32 wide homes must have a special permit to go on the roads thus the delivery cost are higher. A great value per sq. ft. is a 2 section 28 wide cape cod with the upstairs unfinished. The cape can have a higher resale value without finishing the upstairs. Regardless of the best value only you can decide the type of home that is right for you, not a sales person! 

Please contact Victor or Tiffani at Haleys Homes inc. and let us help you in your new modular home we will provide the highest quality available with the lowest overhead resulting in the best value you can find in your new home we guarantee it! We look forward to earning your business !

Thank you for your time. Victor F. Wertheimer III, owner

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Haleyshomesinc.com services Farmville and surrounding areas. These areas include Roanoke, Richmond, Lynchburg, Harrisonburg, Charlottesville, Ashland, Danville, Blackstone, South Hill, Crewe, Keysvile, Victoria, and Kenbridge VA.